6 Different Uses of Coleman Coolers

Coleman as a brand has already achieved the brand equity for high quality plastic jugs and coolers. It is considered one of the most popular consumer brands and is often regarded as a staple item in almost every modern household. With a lot of varieties and models to choose from, the Coleman cooler brand seeks to consciously and continuously address the individual needs of different types of consumers.

Coleman look-alikes have also made it to the shelves of local and international stores but have yet to topple over this industry leader. Quality and durability have always set Coleman coolers apart from these semi-standard look-alikes. Albeit Coleman remains to be the trusted name in quality coolers, the brand is continually refining its models and designs to ensure that there is a specific Coleman cooler to answer every particular take-along need. mccoy cooler

As there are different models to choose from, the Coleman cooler in general can be considered a versatile item that can be used for different purposes and occasions. This reading showcases several known uses of the different types of Coleman coolers.

1.The classic steel Coleman cooler never seems to go out of style. It is practically the easiest to clean this is why this rugged looking item is ideal for family outings, long trips and camping.

2.There are Coleman Coolers designed for extreme hot and cold temperatures. The Xtreme coolers are able to maintain the heat of your food despite of very cold weather and alternately can also keep your food icy cold amid very hot temperature. These are great for those who want to enjoy hot soup during winter or while resting after a cold mountain climb. This is also great for those who prefer cold drinks after a game of soccer under the scorching heat of the sun. This type of cooler is also ideal for beach, desert and outdoor activities.

3.An important item during barbeques and parties is the beverage Coleman cooler as it helps keep drinks cold as ice. It is also ideally used as an ice chest. You may also find these types of coolers in canteens and small eateries as beverage carriers.

4.Wheeled Coleman coolers are now also available to provide added mobility. Now, you don’t need a separate trolley to carry your Coleman as the wheels already make it portable and easy to bring around.

5.Some paediatricians who advocate breastfeeding often recommend the small gallon Coleman cooler jugs to working moms who want to help preserve their supply of breast milk. These jugs help keep pumped breast milk in bottles fresh and stored until the mom reaches home to have it fed to the baby. The bottle of pumped milk is usually stored together with a good amount of ice inside the Coleman jug. This will ensure that the milk won’t spoil and will still be safe for baby to consume.


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